Introducing ChangePatrol: Your Personal Web Monitoring Assistant

Are you tired of manually checking your favorite websites for updates and changes? Say goodbye to the hassle and let ChangePatrol handle it for you!

ChangePatrol is a service designed to visit your selected websites regularly, performing comprehensive checks to keep you updated on the latest content changes. Whether you're a news enthusiast, a vigilant online shopper, or simply someone who wants to stay in the loop, ChangePatrol has got you covered.

With ChangePatrol, you can customize your monitoring preferences to suit your specific needs. Here's what it offers:

  • Intelligent Keyword Tracking: Specify the keywords you're interested in, and ChangePatrol will scan webpage to identify their presence. Receive instant notifications whenever your chosen keywords appear or disappear.
  • Element-Specific Monitoring: Have specific sections or elements on a webpage that matter the most to you? No problem! Simply provide the XPath or CSS selector, and ChangePatrol will monitor those elements exclusively for any changes.
  • Text Change Detection: ChangePatrol is equipped with advanced algorithms that detect changes in text content, no matter how big or small. Stay informed about every modification, from subtle updates to significant revisions.
  • Visual Change Monitoring: Not only does ChangePatrol analyze textual content, but it also keeps an eye on visual elements. Say goodbye to manual comparisons! ChangePatrol will promptly notify you of any visual alterations on the sites you care about.

ChangePatrol puts you in control by providing a seamless user interface and customizable notification preferences. You can choose to receive alerts via email, Telegram or just API integration through Http. Rest assured, you won't miss a beat!

Stay ahead of the game with ChangePatrol. Say goodbye to tedious manual checks and embrace the convenience of automated monitoring. Join the ranks of satisfied users who rely on ChangePatrol to keep them informed, empowered, and one step ahead.

Try ChangePatrol today and experience the future of effortless web monitoring. Your awareness is in good hands!